SKW Optical Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high quality optical equipment for both military and civilian use. Our specialty lies in semi-high and high-end optical rifle scopes but we also produce spotting scope, binoculars, firearm accessories (fully conform to international law), battle fatigues、bullet-proof products and a wide range of outdoor accessories for both military and civilian use.
Our products brands include V‘POINT& TOTEN
Our specialty lies in designing and manufacturing semi-high and high-end optical rifle scopes, which are designed by expert engineers and military shooters. We produce an excellent full range of models suitable for guns of various applications, such as pistol, rifle, airgun, canister, scatter-gun, large caliber anti-material rifle and sniper rifle. All products are manufactured by the most professional factory. All our shock-resistant and high precision rifle scopes meet stringed designing requirements after rigorous testing. Our scopes will meet or exceed multiple standards in areas such competition rifles, air gun, and 50 caliber anti-material sniper rifle. Some features of our firearm mounted scopes include (but not limited to) red dot scopes, fixed power scope, variable power scope, adjustable objective lens scope, illuminated scope and side focus scope.
Spotting scope, Binocular and Laser Range Finders
We have a full range of binoculars, which are manufactured by military enterprises. The processing factory manufactures many binoculars of well-known brands. These binoculars are rugged enough to handle virtually any combat and shooting situation. In-fact, they are so good, other well-known companies re-sale them with their own labels.
Military Products, Security and Safety Products
Gun accessories, Tactical Light and Shooting Products
Aside from our excellent scopes, we offers firearm accessories such as bracket, tactical accessories,tactical light. As with all of our products, they are manufactured to meet both military and international industry standards. They have been chosen by users and militaries from many countries.
All products are manufactured and tested in modern facilities by expert engineers and hunters. Each of our products fully conforms to international laws and standards. Our military products undergo similar (if not, better) quality controls. We can custom tailor each item to meet our customers’ individual requirements. Most importantly, we can do this year round. It goes without saying: we will back our claims with a warranty.
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